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Red, White, & Blue Kumihimo Bracelet

Kumihimo is a form of Japanese knotting.  It involves many little threads and a lot of fore-thought and planning.  Some of the most beautiful braids however can be made from this technique.  And it is also a skill that can becoming deeply addictive! 😀 Continue reading “Red, White, & Blue Kumihimo Bracelet”


Tutorial: Independence Ring

This ring is a nice introduction to the Square Stitch.  One of the many off-loom stitches, the Square Stitch offers a sturdy yet flexible weave.  You can do any number of different patterns, but if this is your first time tackling this weave you should probably keep it simple.  Continue reading “Tutorial: Independence Ring”

Advanced Loom Weaving

Now that I’ve done a series on how to weave loom bracelets (see my two previous posts) here is a fresh look at some of the more intricate and difficult designs that one might tackle on the Rick’s Loom.  Most of these bracelets are of my own design.  A couple of them though have been inspired by what I’ve seen in jewelry shops and from whilst browsing online for inspiration. Continue reading “Advanced Loom Weaving”

How to Weave Loom Bracelets: Part 2

Welcome to the second-half of this series!  This post we will be taking a look at the actual bead-weaving process and how to tie off remaining strings at the end of your project.  For information on how to set up your loom, go back to Part 1 of this series.  This post will be mainly focused on the weaving process. Continue reading “How to Weave Loom Bracelets: Part 2”

How to Weave Loom Bracelets: Part 1

After many requests I am happy to announce that this post is going to take a close look at how I set-up and weave on my Rick’s Beading Loom  Unlike most beading looms, the Rick’s Loom is unique that you are left with only two to three warp threads after weaving, whereas other looms you are left with much more.  This cuts back on time for beaders like me that don’t like to spend lots of time tying off threads.  Part One of this series will be on how to set up your loom and part two will be mainly focus on the actual weaving process. Enjoy! Continue reading “How to Weave Loom Bracelets: Part 1”

Tutorial: Daisy Chains

The Daisy Chain is one of my favorite designs to work with.  It’s simplicity is ideal for beginners, but its diversity to more complicated designs make it appealing for more advanced beaders, thus making it timeless.  For this project I chose a more basic version of the Daisy Chain but relied on my mix of colors to pull off a more intricate look and, as you can see, it paid off well! Continue reading “Tutorial: Daisy Chains”

Crystal Four-Leaf Clover Necklace & Earrings

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!  Gotta say, the entire process of making this necklace, from researching beaded clovers to making my own design, was a lot of fun!  This design is simple and I made it in one sitting.  How much more awesome can that get? XD

Continue reading “Crystal Four-Leaf Clover Necklace & Earrings”

Tutorial: Rustic Fairy Necklace

If you are a fan of easy projects, this design is for you!  I originally began this necklace with the intent of creating an elaborate lacy piece, but when I got to the second row it looked so pretty that I decided to leave it as it was.  Easy peasy.  I will save my lacy necklace idea for later.
Continue reading “Tutorial: Rustic Fairy Necklace”

Square Stripes Bracelet

I designed this bracelet spur of the moment after seeing one much like it at Khol’s.  Look closely and you will see that I used not three, but four different colors in my design.  It succeeds in not only looking well structured, but elegant as well. Continue reading “Square Stripes Bracelet”

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